Friday, 29 April 2011

Kate Middleton's Bridal Bouquet

An elegant bouquet for an elegant bride.

Kate Middleton arrived at the Abbey carrying a petite wired bouquet of the classic English flower lily of the valley combined with white hyacinth pips, a sprig of myrtle and Sweet William, a touching tribute to her husband. The bouquet looked like it had been inspired by Grace Kelly, another ordinary girl who married into royalty.

By going against the Royal norm of a larger shower style bouquet, Kate's flowers indicate that she has her own sense of understated style. However, the size and style of the bouquet show that she may not wish to be the centre of attention. The bouquet is slightly loose and informal in style which signifies the relaxed type of wedding the couple wanted despite all the pomp and pageantry.

This was a wedding for the people and the country and the couple wanted to promote all thing British which meant that flowers such as roses from Kenya, a country that has a significant place in the couple's hearts, were uninvited on the big day. The unseasonally warm weather meant that the Welsh daffodil had no part to play either, now that these blooms will have faded from the flowers beds of the Royal parks.

Despite the fact that the bouquet is the one part of the wedding that can be easily replicated for us commoners, it will come at a price. Lily of the valley is already one of the most expensive wedding flowers costing around £5 per small stem. A replica of Kate's bouquet would cost from around £450 - at least five times more that the average bridal bouquet.

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Anonymous said...

Kate's bouquet was beautiful. It reflected her taste & personality.